Seattle to Kingston

July 20, 2022

I’m not typically one for sharing the ins and outs of my life online, but enough people have asked for photos and updates that I decided to remove my proverbial shell for the good of the people. The story du jour is that of a journey that will take my family from Seattle to Desolation Sound on sailing vessel Juno, a 41’ Sceptre. The route is unplanned. The goal is to enjoy the journey, take in lots of nature and continue learning at sea.

With me, are 3 generations of gents of the same name. Ted, III, the eldest of the group and my father-in-law has flown in from Florida. The other two are my husband Ted, IV and my son, Teddy, V. (Yeah, it’s confusing. I don’t recommend the lineage name thing, but we were caught in the current having the 5th boy in line.) Moving on… and last, but not least, our 11 month old golden doodle, Buoy.

Ok, here we go!

The combination of a slow start to the day and a realization that we needed a new starter battery led us on a short, but beautiful sail to Kingston. After many weeks of cleaning, moving aboard and preparing, it was a nice respite from the crazy hours we had been keeping.
Day 1 - Sunset boats

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